BTC Proxy
BTC Proxy Redeem Interface
Explains the Redeem interface of BTC Proxy
The Redeem interface, of BTC Proxy, is shown in the below screenshot:
Redeem - Allows you to redeem your BTCpx for BTC. BTCpx tokens are burned via the smart contract and then BTC will be sent directly to your confirmed wallet address from the custody account.
    Select the amount of BTCpx
    Confirm Bitcoin Address
    Receive your BTC
For more information, refer to How to Burn?
Analytics - This section displays the total number of BTCpx supplied and the total number of Bitcoin in custody. It also displays the contract addresses and the wallet addresses for each contract.
To view the Transaction History, click the TRANSACTION HISTORY link. The TRANSACTION HISTORY page showing all the transactions will be displayed.
Transaction Confirmations - This section displays the confirmation after each step is completed.
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