BTC Proxy
The future of Proxy Protocol
BTC Proxy roadmap details the various stages of activities revolving around PRXY Governance Token as well as the time they will be executed. Since they are rolled out in phases, some have been executed while others are yet to be done. Find the details below:
Completed development includes Matic Blockchain with Mapped Ethereum Blockchain to enable the minting and redemption of tokens on both chains. Integration of Hex Trust Custodian as well as Fireblocks hotwallet infrastructure to enable trading with Institutions.
Future development includes development of ERC20 and MRC20 marketplaces for staking vaults for users to earn yields at
Integration of the BEP20 protocol to enable minting of BTCpx on BSC as well as integrations with Gemini Custody and Coinbase Custody for US Institutions is upcoming
Last modified 5mo ago
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