BTC Proxy
Deflationary Token Model
The Max Supply of 21M $PRXY will be distributed according to this schedule below with 11.38 tokens mined per block. There are approximately 4 Ethereum blocks mined per min or 5760 blocks mined per day. There are 20 cycles and rewards are distributed after each cycle. Each cycle is 36 days and the days for mining to complete are 729 (2 years)
$PRXY follows a deflationary token model and deflationary token model as one may expect, is where tokens are removed from the market over time. Tokens can be removed from the market via a variety of methods including burning some percentage of a coin being minted, buyback and burn, buyback and hold, and many more by the token creator. However, the method adopted for $PRXY token is through reduction of Block rewards by 10% every 36 days for 2 years. This way, deflation is ensured. Apart from this, less than 65k $PRXY token is mined daily to ensure that inflation is reduced to the bare minimum.
The main benefit to deflationary token models like these is that they prevent the market from being flooded with excess tokens as new tokens are mined, created, or sold off by the holders. A deflationary model reduces the circulation of excess $PRXY in the market. Deflationary crypto currencies try to forecast the supply with demand and put into place measures to dampen volatility in hopes the token won't devalue in price and adversely affect early investors who took part in the Token Generation Event.
Token Distribution Cycles
$PRXY Mined and Distributed
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