Lists and defines the core features of BTC Proxy.

The following are the features of BTC Proxy:

  • Minting - Allows you to create new BTC Proxy tokens. It is completed in a decentralized form through interaction with a smart contract.

  • Redemption - Allows you to redeem BTCpx tokens for Bitcoin. You need to connect your ETH wallet to the Web3.js interface of the btcpx.io.

  • Earning Yield - Allows you to stake BTCpx into liquidity pools to earn rewards (yield)

  • Custody - Insured by a regulated custodian Hex Trust the features of this custodian allow for the segregation of funds and insurance against Crime, theft and employee dishonest

  • PROXY Governance - is through the PRXY token which allows for voting on key business issues around growth of the Proxy Protocol