BTC Proxy Advantages

Provides the list of advantages of using BTC Proxy

The following are the advantages of BTC proxy:

  • Financial Freedom - BTC Proxy brings BTC liquidity onto the Ethereum ecosystem and #DeFi applications.

  • Decentralized Bridge - It gives Bitcoin holders a decentralized bridge to transfer their Bitcoin value into an ERC20 token without the need for centralized exchanges and systems.

  • Secured Lubrication - Provides the lubrication for the flow of blockchains securely and efficiently.

  • Flexible - With BTC Proxy, it is easy to represent any other cryptocurrency.

  • No Need for Multiple Cryptocurrency Nodes - Funding can be direct, and minting tokens can occur immediately after BTC Proxy tokens’ deposits are confirmed so that the centralized exchanges and other institutions which accept cryptocurrencies would not need to maintain multiple cryptocurrency nodes.

  • Standardized Bitcoin - BTC Proxy standardizes Bitcoin to the ERC20 format allowing the Bitcoin Holders to participate in Decentralized Finance applications that have been developed on Ethereum.